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“A situation analysis of the Family Medicine training programme in the Asia Pacific region” (FM-TAP project)



Department of Primary Care Medicine, University of Malaya


Increasingly, the health care system recognizes the importance of family medicine's role to provide front-line comprehensive care to the country. Primary care also serves as a gatekeeper to contain the escalating healthcare cost. However, the training of family physicians are still in its infancy in many parts of Asia. Countries like in Australia and New Zealand have more established family medicine programme in the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Currently, there is no systematic documentation of the status of family medicine training in the Asia and the Pacific region. This is important because the baseline data on the quantity and quality of the family medicine training programs will allow the policy makers to plan and strategize ways to improve primary care in the country. Therefore, this project serves to fulfill this need and provide a resource in hopes to further advance the speciality of family medicine in Asia and the Pacific.

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